A & S Motors, Gosport, Hampshire

Lubrication Service
Service Schedule A

Customers receive a copy of this report.


 RED - Technician advises urgent repair needed

 AMBER - Technician advises advisory item

 GREEN - Technician advises satisfactory at the time of inspection

Initial Checks




All lights/lenses

Check horn


Dashboard warning lights

Lubricate locks and hinges

Your Cambelt is due at ………… Miles ……………… Years

Under Bonnet




Check all fluid levels

Check antifreeze consistency

Brake fluid moisture content

Check auxiliary belts (if visible)

Check battery condition

Check radiator, cap, coolant hoses

Has Cambelt been changed as per manufacturer’s recommended intervals?

Half raised




Check tyres and pressures

Check wheel bearings

Visual check of brakes (not removing drums or wheels)

Check steering, suspension, joints, bushes, springs & gaiters

Under vehicle




Oil & filter change


Check for any fluid leaks

Check exhaust condition/mounts

Final Checks




Reset service light (if possible)


Stamp service book


Road test

Tyre pressures




Tyre pressures diagram

The minimum legal limit for your tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. We advise that you replace your tyres at 2-3mm as anything less than this will greatly reduce your braking efficiency and grip in wet weather.



Check a Trade
Good Garage Scheme